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About Us

Even through these uncertain times, we feel blessed to be able to continue making our living in this industry, working shoulder to shoulder with our family, including the grandkids.

Thanks for your interest in our 2023 sale offering, whether bulls or heifers. We feel great about the majority of our sales going to repeat customers. Our focus is to produce big, rugged two year old bulls that can breed cows for several seasons while staying in good con- dition out on grass. The females we sell are daughters of problem free big volume cows that are easy to maintain.

This year’s bulls have some of the heaviest weights we’ve ever had, even though they endured a very dry summer as calves and a drought as yearlings being raised on grass and/or dead grass. They also had the highest fertility that we’ve ever seen when recently semen tested.

Most of the bulls are almost solid red with lots of eye pigment. These bulls are raised without any creep feed, just grass and their mama’s milk. After weaning calves are grown on a moderate ration as calves, then run on grass from June to October. These bulls are fed a ration of corn, oats and flax screenings with free choice pea- oat hay. Our bulls grown out this way stand up breeding on grass for years.

We also offer for sale a large group of yearling registered Hereford heifers and commercial black and black baldy heifers, available in February.

We like the private treaty sales format which gives us a chance to work one on one with our customers, finding bulls or heifers to match their needs. The bulls have all been semen tested the end of December. If you are unable to pickup your purchased bull within two weeks, a $3 / per head / per day fee will apply. We can also help with delivery if needed. We invite you to our ranch anytime at your convenience to make your selection.

Ann Smith

Bill & Karen Smith

Jake, Whitney, Will, Andie & Wade Burkhardsmeier

Austin, Kate & Lily Langley

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